SAML 2.0 Configuration for Asana to Infisign

Step 1: Login into Infisign Portal as Admin, here in Application> Browse App catalog> Asana

Step 2: Click the option Add Integration to proceed the SAML configuration

Step 3: Enter the Application Label Name (as required) and Click Next

Step 4: Enter the Asana SP ACS URL and App URL, and click the option to generate XML

For APP URL -<domain> , Domain can be Organization Domain must be replaced

Step 5: Login to Asana Admin Portal

Step 6: Click Account (top right), then select [yourDomainName] Settings:

Step 7: Go to the Administration tab and do the following:

    • Select Members must log in via SAML.
    • Sign-in page URL: Copy and paste the following:
    • X.509 Certificate: Copy and paste the following:

Step 8: Click Save

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